Realizzazione Corone per Strada e Mtb
1)  for Sram 1030/1050/1070 cassette          you remove one of these cogs: 15T , 17T , 19T or 22T depending on needs and  on tracks to be faced to be replaced with      40T or 42T ARI cog without any modification on your bike 2)  for Sram 1080 cassette         you remove 14T cog to be replaced with  40T or 42T ARI cog  without any modification on your bike replacement is easy and fast - see video attached material used is hard anodized ERGAL 7075T6 all range of colours is available in our colours table in web site with Ari cog it is supplied a special screw which replace the original derailleur screw to adjust the regulation of the rear derailleur itself   weight of 40 teeth cog is of 70 grams weight of 42 teeth cos is of 73 grams  
40T And 42T ARI cog for shimano      and sram rear cassette     mounting instruction video
Derailleur adjustment photo
Derailleur adjustment with ARI cog for Shimano and Sram cassette    On completion of the mounting of ARI cog for Shimano and Sram cassette follow these simple instructions to adjust the derailleur 1) Place down one of the teeth of ARI cog perpendicular to the ground  (do not choose a milled tooth) 2) Place upward one of the teeth of the upper pulley of the derailleur always  perpendicular to the ground 3) By turning the adjusting screw of the derailleur (photo 1) adjust the distance between the teeth      at an height between 6 and 7mm (photo 2) NB Screw L of the rear derailleur has to be generally  unscrewed of one-half turn, this allow the chain to shift up efficiently on the cog added because the cassette is slightly more internal than it was originally (photo 3)  
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
Adjustment instructions of rear derailleur with larger cogs
Instructions for the correct adjustment of rear derailleur with larger cogs   In the distance adjustment of the rear derailleur from the teeth of the larger cog you have to take extra care that the inner cage of the derailleur itself, especially during descent, does not touch the gear tooth.  In the photo 1 it is shown the inner side of the cage marked by the tooth of the cog because the adjustment WAS NOT CORRECT  In the photo 2 it is highlighted interference between the internal cage of the front derailleur and the end of the teeth of the cog; also in this case the adjustment  WAS NOT CORRECT  N.B. ATTENTION, THE INTERFERENCE OF THE DERAILLEUR CAGE WITH THE TEETH OF THE COG CAN CAUSE THE BREAKING OF THE TEETH OF THE COG
Suggestions for length regulation of chain with monoring
Suggestions for the correct and efficient regulation of the chain lengh with monoring To avoid accidental falls of the chain with the use of  monoring  without guidechain it is necessary that the lenght of the chain itself is perfect. With the chain positioned on the largest rear cog, as is highlighted in the photo, the movement of the front derailleur should be approximately between 4 and 5 mm
NB     Ari cogs are suitable both for free design hub (hub 1) than to that with support (hub 2)than to that with support (hub 2)
Hub Compatibily
Hub 1
Hub 2
ARI COGS for SRAM  1030/1050/1070/1080 REAR CASSETTES
COG for SRAM rear cassette  1030/1050/1070 cod. 299 € 80,00                                                                 1080 cod. 324 € 80,00