WARRANTY AND SALES CONDITIONS Our first desire and aim are to have all customers satisfied once they bought an Ari product. Hereunder all information and instructions in case however problems could arise on the purchase. Aribike guarantee its products against materials or manufacturing defects for a period of two years starting from the date of purchase of the first buyer, prooven by the receipt or prooven by the invoice in case of direct purchase. Aribike always send with the product the necessary istructions, which must be absolutely followed; in case instructions are not followed, warranty expires. Warranty do not cover missed, wrong or bad ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, damages caused by wrong assembly  or with non-compatible components assembly, impacts, falls or accidents, normal consumption, alteration or modification of the original product and damages caused by transport. In case of defect, Aribike will replace or repair, at its option, the element found to be faulty. The defect has to be comunicated by the first owner to the dealer in case of non-direct purchase or by mail to Aribike in case of direct purchase. In case of retourn, just after our authorization, trasport charges are at customer cost. As Aribike is manufacturer of special and customized components produced on request and indication by the customer, the current regulation of withdrawal right can't be applied.  Prices specified in Aribike website are retail prices, VAT included; Aribike reserves the right to modify them at any time without advise. In case of an incorrect indication of price, caused by any reason (be it due to human error or to system error), any pending order will be canceled and discussed again with the correct price, with the agreement of the customer. TRANSPORT Production and delivery time Time of production indicated by Aribike of the material ordered, unless agreed as mandatory in writing, are merely approximate. Delivery time is also indicative and depends on the courrier to which material is given and also on destination. Any delay in delivery for problems not related to Aribike as strikes, bad conditions of traffic and road conditions, natural disasters and other majeure force, do not entitle the customer to claims for compensation. Remains unchanged the obligation by Aribike to delivery the material and by the customer to purchase the item. CLAIMS Any claim about the delivery of Aribike products should be reported immediately to Aribike by mail to to permit a prompt customer assistance. Any external damage, signs of breaking or opening of the package, mismatch in the number of packages should be reported to the courier strictly in the moment of the collection by customer, adding the word " collection with reserve " on the accompanying document of the courier and communicated to Aribike by mail to Without the affixing of the reserve on the documents at the moment of the collection, the customer can't make any objection about the shipping time and the integrity of the product delivered. Aribike asks the client not to collect the parcel if there is any evidence of damage of the packaging. PRIVACY Privacy norms basing on Art. 13 of D.Lgs.196/03 Aribike, following what indicated in art. 13 of D.Lgs.196/03, confirms to its customers that their personal data provided at the time of contract, enquiry or forms compilation, will be handled according to laws. All data collected are held only basing on fiscal and tax requirements forseen by law, regulations and community legislation. The collection of those personal data is compulsory, having to execute legal obligations including taxation and will be communicated only to third parties envolved to sales where necessary. PRODUCT SHEETS   Pictures of the products listed on our website and in each individual product data sheets are only indicative and they may be different in color, size and any accessories if present in the pictures. All information inserted in Aribike website have a generic information feature and they are not related to each product; specific information about the individual product can be required to Aribike who agrees, at its sole discretion, to communicate them. Details to which all the pictures refer may change at any time without notice by Aribike.