Oval Zone line is the result of long studies and its correspondent long series of tests on the field of the new MTB and BDC oval chainrings. In close cooperation with a bio-mechanical study center, our engineers have realized the final profile of Ari oval chainrings. OVAL ZONE line is effectively a double line as it is composed by STRONG and RACE versions. STRONG line is dedicated to training period instead RACE line is dedicated to competitions time and the difference between them is the application of the oval with respect to the axis of the crank arm. OVAL ZONE STRONG line has the aim to be used during winter training and additionally in weekly use during the races season. It force to use some muscle parts that normally aren't recalled during the normal athletic action of pedaling with classic chainrings: the result is in first step an important increase of power in a short time and in second step the power and muscle resistance increase. OVAL ZONE RACE line has the aim to be used during competitions period and after OVAL ZONE STRONG training: it is more "soft", forcing less all muscles and helping them with energy saving;the result is a smaller muscle effort equal to same work, very important during competitions. It would be optimal the usage of OVAL STRONG on training bike and OVAL RACE on competition bike. Information OVAL chainrings usage needs a time of setting different from each biker to another basing on personal preparation but with ARI chainrings it is particularly short. Not round pedaling sensation disappears after few rides and benefits are evident after few hundred km. An initial muscular aching can't be avoid and it is absolutely normal, due to the usage of those muscle parts normally not used; we suggest only for first trainings to limit km ride and not to force pedaling rhythm.
Technical Data Sheet