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ARI BIPOWER – Indipendent crank set BiPower crank set is the best training system for your muscles, if you are an elite, an average or simply an amateur biker They have been studied to train legs muscles in a unique manner obtaining power and symmetry of their work: this is the live motive that make it becomes the choice of professional cyclists for their training BiPower crank set is used on BDC indoor and also outdoor on the road. The period of adaptation is very short and our suggestion is to start with a small step indoor to adapt yourself to a independent and separate pedaling. With a system of clutches and bearings the two pedals move pushing downwards and also upwards independently, unsynchronized one from the other; the leg is obliged, being devoid of the aid given by its opposite, to work on all 360° of rotation, so both in pushing phase and on return phase of the pedal. You achieve in a short time the development of muscle groups not normally involved in cycling with classical crank set as well as a progressive balance of the strength of both legs, simultaneously developing coordination in the movements. With targeted exercises you work on your legs individually, alternately and simultaneously, in a synchronous manner or opposite. The great advantage of this crank set is that they are quickly and easily exchangeable in a classical crank set, thanks to an efficient locking system. As well as a training tool for an agonist, ARI BiPower find a large application in the field of rehabilitation thanks to the direct training it allows you to make on individual arts.
ENTRY LEVEL VERSION € 550,00 The differences compared to the complete model are: - it does not include chainrings kit - it does not have the blocking system that turns it in normal crank set
MEASURES ARE AVAILABLE: 170 – 172,5 – 175 – 177,5 – 180 BCD spider 110mm
ARI BIPOWER – Indipendent crank set
ARI BIPOWER – Indipendent crank set
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